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The Challenge


Saving lives by staying home?

Seems to be hard for some people. But it is currently the best activity for everyone. Soap and disinfectants help, but social distance is the key to defeating the corona virus. So you participate:

Post a photo, video or a story of you and your "weapon" against the coronavirus on one of the following platforms:

Grab various items - and off you go. Whether a mop, a good book, your mobile phone, your favourite blanket or something completely different. There are no limits to your creativity! Maybe your weapon has a name, magic abilities or just helps you through the day?

Afterwards nominate your friends in your post and use the hashtag #myweaponcountercorona

Let’s fight with unusual weapons - at home.

Your Team,


What rules are there?

Almost everything is allowed in the Challenge. But don't forget: We want to show solidarity and cohesion. No discriminating contents! No contents that spread hatred!

If you see discriminatory content with #myweaponcountercorona, please report it to the appropriate provider. We are trying to monitor this and also report content that is related to the Challenge and discriminatory as much as possible. We are dependent on your help!

Everything at a glance

Take a picture or short video of yourself and/or your weapon against Corona at home.

Mark the entry with #mywaeponcountercorona and nominate your friends for the challenge.

Upload it to one of the following platforms:

Stay home. Stay safe.